Maui Mornings Reed Diffuser

Maui Mornings Reed Diffuser

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Imagine waking up to the floral, tropical, and fruity fragrance of Maui!

Top Notes - Pineapple, Honeydew, Agave

Middle Notes - Bamboo, Green Floral

Base Notes - Powder, Coconut, Violet

Approximately 3-4 months of fragrance.

Our fragrance oils are phthalate free.

Create a spa-like ambiance with our low-maintenance, flameless reed diffusers!  Enjoy our continuous, long lasting fragrances for 3-4 months!  With our sleek and minimalistic design, they are sure to fit into any home decor! 

To Use - Remove bottle from the box.  Read the warning label on the bottom of bottle!  Unscrew silver cap and remove the plug.  Toss plug into trash.  Replace silver cap back onto bottle and insert 6 reeds to start.  It takes up to two days for fragrance to work its way up the reeds.  If you'd prefer a stronger scent throw, then insert the remaining two reeds!  Over time as the fragrance weakens, flip the reeds over or replace with new reeds.  Always wash your hands after handling the reeds!

Fragrance oils are highly flammable, do not light reeds on fire nor place near open flames!

Please read instructional card and warning label on the bottom of bottle before use!